10 Best Websites where you can sell Stock Photos and Videos

In today’s digital age, photography and videography have become more than just hobbies; they’re viable means of income for many. If you are passionate about photography and videography, then you can turn your passion into profession. You can sell stock photos and videos online on different platforms.

With the rise of the internet, selling your photos and videos online has never been easier. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a talented amateur, there are numerous platforms where you can showcase your work and turn your passion into profit.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 websites where you can sell your stock photos and videos, reaching a global audience and maximizing your earning potential.

1. Shutterstock


As one of the largest stock photo and video marketplaces, Shutterstock offers a vast customer base for your creative work. With millions of users worldwide, your photos and videos have the opportunity to reach a wide audience.

Shutterstock provides contributors with detailed analytics and reporting tools to track sales and optimize their portfolios for maximum exposure.

2. Adobe Stock

adobe stock

Adobe Stock, integrated seamlessly with Adobe Creative Cloud, is another popular choice for photographers and videographers. By uploading your content to Adobe Stock, you can reach millions of buyers directly through Adobe applications like Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

The platform offers competitive commission rates and provides contributors with valuable insights into market trends.

3. Getty Images

getty images

Getty Images is renowned for its high-quality stock content, making it an ideal platform for photographers and videographers looking to showcase their best work.

While the approval process may be more selective, being featured on Getty Images can significantly elevate your portfolio and attract premium buyers. Additionally, Getty Images offers exclusive licensing opportunities for exclusive content.

4. Alamy


Alamy stands out for its fair commission structure, allowing contributors to earn up to 50% of each sale. With over 200 million images and videos in its collection, Alamy caters to a diverse range of buyers, from publishers to advertisers.

The platform’s straightforward upload process and flexible licensing options make it a favorite among photographers and videographers worldwide.

5. iStock


iStock, owned by Getty Images, offers a curated collection of high-quality stock content at affordable prices. As a contributor, you can choose between exclusive and non-exclusive licensing options, depending on your preferences. iStock’s user-friendly interface and global reach make it an attractive option for both seasoned professionals and emerging talents.

6. Dreamstime


Dreamstime prides itself on its community-driven approach, fostering collaboration between contributors and buyers. With over 130 million stock photos and videos in its library, Dreamstime offers ample opportunities for photographers and videographers to showcase their creativity.

The platform’s tiered commission structure rewards top contributors with higher earnings and enhanced visibility.

7. 123RF


123RF offers a diverse marketplace for stock photos and videos, catering to a wide range of industries and niches. By joining 123RF as a contributor, you can tap into its global network of buyers and earn competitive royalties on each sale.

The platform’s intuitive search functionality and user-friendly interface make it easy for buyers to find and license your content.

8. Depositphotos


Depositphotos boasts a vast collection of high-quality stock content, attracting buyers from around the world. As a contributor, you can upload your photos and videos to Depositphotos and set your own prices for licensing.

The platform offers flexible payment options, including pay-per-download and subscription plans, ensuring steady income for contributors.

9. Bigstock


Bigstock, owned by Shutterstock, specializes in affordable stock imagery for small and medium-sized businesses. By contributing to Bigstock, you can tap into its extensive customer base and earn royalties on each download.

The platform offers competitive commission rates and provides contributors with valuable insights into buyer preferences and market trends.

10. Pond5


Pond5 is a leading marketplace for royalty-free stock media, offering a diverse range of photos, videos, music, and sound effects. As a contributor, you can upload your content to Pond5 and set your own prices for licensing.

The platform’s transparent royalty structure ensures that contributors receive fair compensation for their work, empowering them to monetize their creativity effectively.

In conclusion, the internet has revolutionized the way we buy and sell visual content, providing photographers and videographers with unprecedented opportunities to showcase their work and earn a living.

By leveraging the power of online marketplaces like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images, you can reach a global audience and maximize your earning potential as a stock photo and video contributor. So, unlock your photography potential today and start monetizing your creativity on these top 10 websites!