20+ Content Ideas to Get More Views on Facebook in Less Time

20+ Content Ideas to Get More Views in on Facebook in Less Time

In the bustling realm of social media, the quest to garner attention and elevate engagement is perpetual. Among the myriad platforms, Facebook reigns supreme, with its vast user base hungry for captivating content.

However, navigating this digital landscape can be daunting, especially when aiming to boost views without sacrificing precious time.

Fear not! This comprehensive guide unveils over 20 Content Ideas to Get More Views on Facebook in no time.

Content That Doesn’t Require you to be on Screen

1. Infographics and Data Visualizations: Turn them into eye-popping charts and graphs, that contain useful information for the viewer.

2. User-Generated Content (UGC) Showcase: Another way is to select/favorite posts or posts from your followers and use these to feature and promote more content from your followers hence encouraging them.

3. Interactive Polls and Surveys: To create interest and encourage viewership, ask your audience interesting questions or ask for their views on certain issues.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peeks: Share teaser content into your processes, such as designing, product creation, or company functioning, to maintain candidness.

5. Animated Videos and GIFs: Here bring out the energy add excitement to your feed and communicate powerfully in eye-catching ways.

6. DIY Tutorials and How-To Guides: Let it be a primary guideline to provide short, concise guides, explanations, or tips that enhance your readers’ abilities and assert your authority.

7. Inspirational Quotes and Motivational Content: People often feel low or stressed, so it can be the perfect time to share with others inspirational and motivational stories or quotes.

8. Interactive Quizzes and Challenges: Using your specialty, incorporate question and answers, trivia, riddles, or other forms of content that foster friendly rivalry.

9. Customer Testimonials and Success Stories: Thus, provide some proof of the satisfied customers and their experience as to the usage of your products or services to gain more credibility.

10. Product Demos and Reviews: Illustrate how your products/services are useful by creating elaborate, real-life dramatizations, or several product tests addressing everyday issues.

You can earn money by promoting products which is also called affiliate marketing.

Content Ideas Where you are in the video yourself

11. Live Q&A Sessions: Engage your audience directly and respond to questions and interactions in real-time through live Q&A on your social media pages.

12. Educational Webinars and Workshops: This can be a webinar or an online class and a good opportunity to impart your knowledge and contribute to the creation of new ones.

13. Personal Stories and Behind-the-Scenes Vlogs: Provide a glimpse of your life or your career thus being able to build a closer relationship with your fans.

14. Interviews and Collaborations: Featuring an informative interview with other people in the industry or implementing a collaboration with an influencer widens the market.

15. Interactive Challenges and Games: Encourage your audience by patronizing them or challenging them to fun experiences that not only engage them but also remind them of your brand message.

16. Live Event Coverage: It can involve posting updates in real-time about business-related events or organizing a live streaming of a conference, launching new products, etc.

17. Product Unboxings and Reviews: Introduce new products or services by creating an attractive unboxing video or an appealing review, which can describe the advantages of a certain product.

There are many employment opportunities where a person can make money out of the products they market known as affiliate marketing.

18. Workout or Wellness Sessions: Allow for the sharing of health-related and exercise information, motivation, or stress relief, aligning with the target of reaching out to people interested in healthy living.

19. Cooking Tutorials and Recipe Demonstrations: Let people learn some cooking skills and tip-off through cooking vlogs or recipes you think are best suited for cooking lovers.

20. Travel Diaries and Exploration Videos: Promenade travelers record their journeys or exits specializing in the telling of interesting and beautiful stories and views.

21. Trendjacking: Use the speed to your advantage by adopting trending topics and hashtags related to your niche and strategy them into your content marketing.

22. Challenges and Viral Trends: Engage with a particular viral craze popular on the site at the time and put a creative twist on the content type.

23. Newsjacking: Get familiar with what is happening around you, both on a local and global level and use that information to develop updated and engaging content.

24. Seasonal and Holiday Content: Adapt the posted content to coincide with the holiday or any event to increase the activity, embracing the given theme or event.

25. Throwback Thursday (TBT) Posts: Use materials or topics that call for people to share memories or provide information that makes the audience relate to the past and thus feel nostalgic.


With these versatile content ideas at your disposal, you’re equipped to elevate your Facebook presence and captivate audiences with minimal time investment. By embracing creativity, authenticity, and adaptability, you’ll not only maximize views but also cultivate lasting connections with your audience. So, dive in, experiment, and watch your Facebook engagement soar to new heights!


What are some common mistakes to avoid on Facebook?

Some common mistakes to avoid on Facebook include:

1. Overposting: Excessive posting may force the audience to throw ‘every post in the bin,’ in essence signaling the end of engagement.

2. Ignoring comments and messages: Recently, people developed a tendency to read comments and messages, or logs, and not responding to them as frequently as before may create a bad impression of the brand.

3. Not engaging with your audience: The key in a business is to engage in conversation with your followers to ensure that they continue engaging with you.

4. Sharing irrelevant content: It is crucial to ensure that the posts are meaningful and in line with the targeted customers or aligned with the overall branding.

5. Neglecting analytics:
Caused by that, it is significant to control and evaluate your Facebook insights, In this way, you will be able to comprehend what your audience appreciates the most and thus, perhaps, to change the strategy.

When you do not commit these mistakes and when you are committed often in the marketing of your Facebook pages and groups, then your targeted audiences shall be well contacted thus achieving set social marketing objectives.

Which things that you should not post on Facebook?

This applies to anyone maintaining a social media account such as Facebook or any other platform in general to ensure privacy and work professionalism.

Here are some things you should avoid posting on Facebook:

1. Personal information: Make some form of censorship and do not reveal any of your personal information like your home address, phone number, or any financial detail you may have.

2. Inappropriate or offensive content: Are you going to go ahead and post something vulgar, or racist or send some pictures/videos that you aren’t proud to share with your loved ones?

3. Confidential information:
Although engaging in the discussion is encouraged, any information that is sensitive and may not be shared without consent either from the part of the subject or the instructor should not be posted.

4. False information: People have to refrain from sharing fake news or false information that may mislead others out there.

5. Negative comments: Avoid saying or writing anything bad about any person you work with or anyone else from your acquaintances or immediate or distant relatives.

6. Illegal activities: This means they do not encourage the sharing of any content that violates the law or the community standards of the site in particular.

Thus, keeping these certain factors in mind about the contents that you post on Facebook, ensures that you safeguard your privacy, as well as, do not tarnish your virtual reputation and expect undesirable repercussions.

Is Facebook monetization available in Pakistan in 2024?

Yes, Facebook monetization has not been fully decommissioned, it is active in some countries including Pakistan, for those who meet the Facebook monetization criteria. Nevertheless, the ability to profit from monetizing content can be limited by the platform’s policies, rules, and restrictions, as well as the current market situation. Due to constant changes that can occur daily, it is advised to seek the latest information on the monetization of Facebook in Pakistan in 2024 from the Facebook guidelines page.

How to monetize a Facebook page in Pakistan in 2024?

To monetize a Facebook page in Pakistan in 2024, you can consider the following strategies:

1. Facebook Ad Breaks: Utilize Facebook’s Ad Breaks feature to earn money by inserting short ad breaks in your video content. This feature allows you to monetize your videos and generate revenue based on ad views.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Partner with brands and promote their products or services on your Facebook page through affiliate marketing. Earn commissions for every sale or referral generated through your affiliate links.

3. Sponsored Posts: Collaborate with brands or businesses for sponsored posts on your Facebook page. Create engaging content that promotes their products or services in exchange for a fee.

4. Facebook Shops: Set up a Facebook Shop to sell products directly from your page. Utilize this feature to showcase and sell merchandise, digital products, or services to your audience.

5. Paid Memberships: Offer exclusive content, perks, or access to a private community in exchange for a subscription fee from your followers.

Use Facebook’s subscription tools to monetize your page through paid memberships.

By implementing these monetization strategies effectively and providing valuable content to your audience, you can generate revenue from your Facebook page in Pakistan in 2024.

What are the requirements for Facebook monetization in 2024?

The Facebook monetization requirements in 2024 are:

Content guidelines: The page needs to adhere to the content policy of the Face book and it requires that a page does not post content such as a Facebook video or anything that is rated as R or has violent content, sexual content, hate content, or supports any unlawful content.

Advertiser-friendly content: Ads must be placed on pages with non-offensive or contentious content; this infers that they have to place their videos or other content on Facebook that is suitable for children and other users.

Eligibility for in-stream ads: The profile of the pages shall have not less than 10,000 followers, the total amount of one-minute views in the different videos published within the last 60 days should be not less than 30000 and the page should have Facebook’s monetization eligibility.

Payment method: To receive payments to the Website based on Facebook Pay, the website’s pages must have a correct payment instrument established.

Country eligibility: Facebook in-stream ads can only be placed within pages that are located in a country where this type of advertising is available.

Does Facebook have reels like Instagram?

Yes, there exists a Facebook Reel that more or less has the same function as Facebook has Instagram Reels.

This makes it possible for users to come up with fun and short videos that have the accompaniment of music and different filters.

This is one of the features Facebook included as it seeks to dominate other social media platforms in the short-form video market.

How to see who viewed my reels on Facebook

Unfortunately, there is not any direct feature in the Facebook application that gives users the ability to exactly know who has viewed the user, especially Facebook Reels.

Contrary to the other platforms, Facebook does not share this information with the content creator due to the primary focus on the user’s privacy.

In the case of any modifications or adjustments to this particular feature, I encourage people to visit the Facebook site for the latest news or get in touch with the site’s help center.

How to find Facebook reels you’ve watched?

1. To do this you have to open the Facebook application on your smartphone or tablet and log into your account.

2. Open your Facebook and log in to your account.

3. After that, find the “profile” icon within the Menu and tap on it. This will give you access to the “Your Watch” section.

4. In the Watch menu, see the category labeled “History” and click on it. This will show all the videos that you’ve watched, including the Reels you’ve viewed recently.

5. Scroll through the list to find the specific reels that you’re looking for. If you want to watch the reel again, just tap on it, and it will start playing.

By following these steps, you should be able to find Facebook reels you’ve watched.

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