13 Powerful E Commerce Growth Strategies To Increase Revenue In 2024 | How To Win Customer’s Hearts

What is Importance of an E Commerce Growth Strategy ?

E Commerce growth strategy is essential for your business. It expands the online presence of your business and also increases the sales. If you develop a strategic plan for your business, there is a chance that your business will grow higher. I helps businesses to stay competitive in online marketplace, attracts new customers and improves your profit rate. In this article I will tell you about 7 top strategies that will help you to grow your online ecommerce business. I also tried these and they work like magic in boosting my online store sales. These are things that you have to do if you want to earn 7-8 figures from your store.


What are the Growth Factors of a Successful E-commerce Business?

Mobile Friendly Website

So the first and very important strategy is having a mobile friendly website because without having a mobile friendly website you are loosing on a tons of potential traffic. Make sure that text on your website is very easy to read because if a customer can not read the text on your website they will immediately click out. As far as the design of your website should be very simple but it should also look professional.

You should choose a theme that is extremely professional because that is very appealing to the phycology of the customer. Your website should have limited button and links, don’t use tons of button and links in your e commerce website. As I said you have to focus on the design of your mobile website. So, your website should look pretty good on you mobile as well as on desktop. If you have a very mobile efficient website, this will go to generate more leads or sales.

Easy To Use Shopping Cart

This is very important strategy because if you make a complicated for the customer to checkout, this will really affect your business. Delete all the links that are not relevant to them in checking out.

Register For Account Should Be After They Buy

Do not have a create account before they checkout because that really makes your customers annoyed and it made them just be like ” I don’t wanna make account now, I’ll do that later”. and they never purchase anything then.

Focus On Selling One Product First

The most important strategy is you should focus on selling one product first. Align your marketing efforts to sell one product at the beginning. By communicating to your audience, one product at a time. Alright, think about a company that is selling a tons of products at the same time and they are facing different mix responses. That would be very frustrating for you as a business owner because that would be very tough for you in the beginning.

That’s why, according to my experience I recommend you to focus on one product and perfect that product . Another thing is that when you have more than one product at the same time, your output and your focus is divided but if you pay attention on one single product, you can put your maximum dedication and focus on to it and there are more chances to get success.

Product Photography

Product Photography plays an important role in the success of an e-commerce business. Make sure that the photography is really clean, smooth, a nice design and professional. And also if you can do a product video, this is massively valuable. Make sure that you invest in doing some product videos to explain your product in more details.

Product Reviews

Another tip is that make sure that you have trust badges on your page,  make sure to add the things that you have free shipping if you have that and also get reviews of your products. If you have reviews on your product pages, it will increase your conversion rate significantly. So make sure that you get your product reviews on your page.

Schema Markup

Another tip to increase your sales in e-commerce store is little more advance but very affective that is schema markup on your product pages. This means that when someone searches on google right there on the google search page, before they even go to your website, they gonna see your product image, some information about your product, right there on the search page. This will give you advantage on your competitor and will make you more visible organically as people search that product on google your product will be shown which will obviously increase your product sales.

Optimize Your Product Feed

Optimizing product feed can help you to increase more profit in your online store. So optimize your product feed via google merchant center. Google merchant center which you gonna use to run google shopping ads which you will get later but the product feed is extremely important because you have to make sure that you have a good information in their with regards to your product title, products description and keywords so that you are showing up when people are searching on google for shopping when you’re running your ads. When your product feed is not really well optimized, there is a high chance that you may loose the sales.

Run Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping is very popular. People go to google, they search what they want to buy and click on the shopping tab and they find many ads there. So if you wanna be in that shopping tab, which I highly recommend you, then you have to run google ads.

Run Facebook And Instagram Ads

If you want massive amount of sales on your e- commerce store, make sure that you are running Facebook and Instagram ads. These are huge channels today. People are on Facebook and Instagram all the time so you have to target people on both of these channels. So make sure to take advantage of these two channels.

Invest In Social Media Organically

You need to make sure that you have organic presence on Social Media. It means that post on social media daily so that you can drive some organic traffic to your online store. This is gonna be building your brand following organically. The more followers you have, you’re gonna get more sales.

Automate E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail marketing is very important. A lot of e-commerce stores spend a lot of money to get that customers to make their first purchase on the store but they don’t remarket those people via E-Mail marketing to get them to come back and make future purchases. If you could just get each of your customers to make one more purchase. Think about how much your revenue will boost. If you’re creative with your E-Mail marketing and you automate it, this is going to scale your business so that you can increase your sales.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing means text message marketing. The reason behind it’s importance is only 30% of people will usually open up your emails. But with text messages there is a chance that 100% of people will open the text messages. So, that can be really powerful to boost up your store sales. So, build a VIP text message marketing campaign.

These are some important hacks that can increase your E-Commerce Store Sales.