How to make money from Blogging

I was a school teacher a few years ago with an average salary but today I am earning $10,000 a month on average. So, I will honestly tell you what works today and what’s the fastest way for you to grow a blog from scratch. If you are in doubt about blogging, I want to ask you one question. How much do you loose if you try and start a blog ?

My business expenses as a blogger are very low. It’s a business with the highest ROI you can imagine. I do this while working from home. I am in control of my own schedule, which really helps because I have toddler and I want to spend time with my son while he is small. In this article, I will describe step by step plan for you to get your first $10000/month with your blog.

How Bloggers make money?

First, you need to understand How you will make money? In the beginning when I started my blog, I did what most of beginners do – I tried to apply to Google AdSense as soon as I could to run some ads on my blog. That’s what you were going to do. Right?

Well let me tell you, why maybe you shouldn’t. Yes adding ads from Google AdSense is the easiest thing you can do with a new website to start making some money. Usually it’s enough to have about 20 posts on your blog and something that a lot of people don’t know about that you need a privacy policy page before you apply.

But if you ask for my opinion, I don’t think you should even bother applying to AdSense when you have very low traffic because they pay very little for each 1000 of visitors a month. When your traffic is lower than 1000 visitors a month, you will be earning less than $10 with display ads. So, it’s not worth sending your small audience away from your site for so little money.

So, what would I do first if I started my blog these days knowing everything that I’ve learned in 4 years? My top recommendation for you is to start with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means to sell someone’s else product or service for the sake of commission. For example: You found a product on amazon and you liked it and wrote an article on that product  and also gave a unique affiliate link on that blog by writing that If someone’s is willing to buy this product, you can click on this link. When the customers buy that product from your affiliate link, you’ll receive commission.

 Display Advertising

When your blog traffic gets gets to at least  10000/mon sessions, you can apply to google AdSense. Optimize ad placement by balancing visibility with user experience. Ensure ads are relevant to your content to maximize revenue without compromising user engagement.

When you get at least 20,000 sessions per month on your site, you could try to join She Media network When you get 50,000 sessions per month on your site, you can apply for Mediavine. This is a premium ad management company you’ll be paid about 10 times more for the same traffic than you could get with AdSense.

Keep in mind though that about 80% of your audience should come from the United States to be accepted to Mediavine. In this sense Pinterest traffic can be very helpful because it’s much more popular in the USA than in the other parts of the world.

When I started my blog, in the first few months I was trying hard to get some traffic with Google SEO but I soon realized, It was hopeless. It takes forever to get some domain authority with a new blog on Google. So, I focused on Pinterest traffic and it worked.

blog traffic

By the end of first year of my blogging, I had enough traffic to join MediaVine and at that time 90% of  traffic was coming from Pinterest.

I made my first $1400 from Mediavine ads and I thanks to free Pinterest traffic. I just wanted to make it clear because I hear this a lot from people who heard somewhere that Pinterest traffic is not accepted in Mediavine or other premium ad networks. This is not true at all. Pinterest is completely valid traffic source.


Selling Digital Products

Selling Digital products are another great source of income. I suggest you to sell digital products online. The ROI is usually very high and if you’ve built your blog or website to help you to sell your products, you can have a great income without spending anything on paid advertising.

You can sell a lot of different products that don’t require much support. For Example, E-Books, printable files like binders, guides etc. You can sell pattern or templates. If you are a DIY blogger, You can sell stock photos on your site if you are a photographer.

Collaborating with Brands

You can also seek brand partnerships that resonate with your values and audience and Negotiate collaborations that benefit both parties and align with your content. Maintain transparency by disclosing sponsored content and preserving your brand integrity.

Offering Services

When you are just starting a blog, it’s often months of work without a single paycheck. While growing your audience, you can also offer your services on the blog. For example you could reach out to some established bloggers and youtubers and offer your services as their content writer, as an editor, a virtual assistant.

You could also offer any other services and promote them through your blog like making voiceovers, translation, graphic design or anything else you are skilled at and what you can do remotely just with a laptop and internet connection. Many beginner bloggers make the majority of their income by selling their services in the first year and I think it’s great. Think about it. You are still working from home and you might be earning enough to replace your 9-5 job.

Your blog works as a free way to market your services. I personally used my blog to sell my website designing services and I am still doing it. The most amazing thing about blogging is that you can build your career and skyrocket your income to the nest level.

For me, I am 100% sure I would never reach the same level of income at my day job and while it takes some hard work upfront without getting paid from the first month of blogging, at some point if you don’t allow your limiting beliefs stop you from making more money, then you can scale your business really fast.

Picking Domain Name

Now when you have an idea about your blog, the next thing is to decide your domain name while choosing domain name you should keep in mind when you are searching for a domain name is

  1. It should be short and easy to remember.
  2. Avoid using numbers and hyphens in domain name.
  3. Always do your best to get your domain name in “.com” zone
  4. Don’t use weirdly spelled words or misspelled words just because the keywords you wanted is not available as a domain because wrong spelling will always confuse people and they’ll end up on competitor’s site.

Once you have an idea about your domain name, you can go ahead and register your blog. I want to give you two important things that you need to know when you are starting a blog.

  1. The first one is called content management system and for this, I highly recommend you to use WordPress. It’s the most suitable platform for a blogging website needs. The best thing about this platform is that it’s totally free.
  2. The second thing is to choose is a hosting provider. You need to start a self-hosted blog. If you want to make money with it, you shouldn’t use any platform that own your site. When I started my blog I used Interserver . I think it’s a solid hosting option for the beginners. They have a smooth installation process for wordpress and the most important thing is that their plans are most affordable and they offer 24/7 support.



How to be a successful affiliate marketer?

To succeed in marketing, you should choose programs align with your audience.

Can I make money blogging about my life?

Yes, it is possible to make money blogging about your life. You can blog about anything you want including your daily life, you can write interesting stories, novels and even kids stories with some nice colorful pictures.

What are the best blogging Platforms?

There are so many blogging platforms with their own pros and cons. So, I have top 5 best Blogging Platforms to make this decision easy for you.


WordPress is one of the most popular websites platforms. is one of the most robust and flexible blogging platforms. It can handle any needs a blogger would have with built-in full site editing, a drag and drop block editor, countless themes and plugins and very amazing page builders. You can easily design your blogging site and never lack the functionality you need in the future.

Square Space:

The second one that I want to share with you is Squarespace. Squarespace is another major player in the website builder world.  It is an all-in-one website builder and blogging platform that’s geared towards E-Commerce users. Best known for its eye-catching templates. Squarespace makes it easy to establish an online presence. They offer great value for the users that don’t have much technical experience. Squarespace also offers a fully functional blogpost editing tool with over 45 different modules to choose from including image galleries, newsletter options, custom codes and much more.


The third one is Weebly. Weebly is a hosted website builder that can function as a full website or a blog. In fact, Weebly now focuses on a built-in integration with square so you can take payments and work as an e-commerce platform to rival Shopify. If that’s part of your focus as well as blogging and content creation Weebly might just be an awesome option for you. It also offers excellent templates and themes.


Wix is another super popular website builder and they also offer blogging capabilities. Wix is one of the best platforms if you’re just trying to make  a website or blog incredibly quickly. They offer a really excellent website creation process.

HubSpot cm:

The final one in the list is HubSpot cm. It is a platform that primarily aimed at marketing agencies but it does offer great tools for casual blogging as well. They also offer drag and drop builder so it’s pretty easy to use. It has number of different themes.