The Cheapest Way To Start A T-shirt Business

In 2024, a lot of people want to start a clothing brand or T-shirt Business but they don’t know how to start? That’s why I am writing this article to tell you guys and to share my experience and I will also tell you the mistakes that I’ve made in my business so that you can avoid these mistakes. I have a pretty good experience in this field. I started my T-Shirt Business in 2015. So, the first step of starting a T-Shirt Business is:

Choose a Name 

The first thing to do for your T- Shirt brand is Name. You have to find a good catchy name that isn’t overused and here I suggest you that your clothing brand name should have four syllables. Make sure that the brand name is unique and different.

Brand Logo

Logos are some of the most important things in brand. You should pay a special attention on it because that’s your identity. You should put the most time into this thing because that’s  how people going to identify you and know you. If you can make a logo by yourself you can make one on Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator otherwise you can hire freelancers.


Now for the website, you can use Shopify and for domain you can register your domain at go daddy or Hostinger. If you don’t know how to create a website then you can contact our team at and on Instagram.


When it comes to manufacturing it’s really hard to find a reliable manufacturer and it takes a lot of trial and a lot of big brands won’t give out their manufacturers for free and I am one of them because giving out your manufacturers is like giving out your sauce. So, you can find manufacturer on

Your website doesn’t need to be flashy and full of scripts. It just needs to show your products off in a way that is in line with your brand. I am sharing a few links that your website must have:

Homepage: It includes a welcome message, some cool photos and the products.

About Page: It includes a detailed paragraph about you and your company.

FAQ Page: It includes frequently asked questions by your costumers and write their answers.

Policies Page: It includes the policies in relation to returns and exchanges.

Contact Page: Add your phone number, email or other social media handles, so that customers can contact you.

Make an Instagram and Facebook business account for your brand. Post at least once a day. Keep in mind that consistency leads to success.

Packaging and Shipping

The last step when starting a T-shirt business is packaging and shipping. You’ll need to purchase packaging materials, such as boxes, poly mailers, and shipping labels. You should also get a shipping scale to accurately calculate shipping costs.

Once you have all the materials you need, it’s time to pack and ship your T-shirts. Start by packing them securely in the packaging you’ve chosen. Then, print and attach the labels and take them to the post office or shipping company of your choice.


That’s it! You’re now ready to start your very own T-shirt business. Starting any company for free is never easy and it takes time and dedication. You’ll learn how to do things that you could have easily outsourced if you had the budget. Nevertheless, you’d still come out of it with an excellent skill set.

If you are looking to start a business for free, be prepared to learn a great deal upfront, get organized, and be creative with your marketing. But if you’re willing to put in the work, you can definitely start a T-shirt business with no money and make it profitable.