6 Best Ways to Rank Higher on Google Map

In 2024, If you want your business to grow, then you need to focus on advanced local Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to attract local consumers to your business. As many businesses in your area are listing their businesses on Google map and you want your business on the top on google map.

Every company looks forward to having their business on Google maps Search Results. Having your business on Google maps means that your business listing has a batter chance at Google’s local ranking.

If your listing will be on top then their is a higher chance that the customers will by your product or service but the question you should be asking here is how to rank higher on Google  maps.

rank higher on google map

In this post we will discuss how your business can show up in the local search results and also discuss the factors that will help your business to rank higher on Google maps

Keyword Research:

Before you list your product or service on Google map, you need to find best keywords that are related to your business and have low keyword difficulty. do keyword research to find out how people are searching for the services or product you provide in your market.

Add those keywords to the page on your website your Google Business Profile is Linked to. The better you rank in the business listing, the more trust worthy you become. the more trust you gain, the stronger your businesses’ impact on the targeted audience.

As I mentioned Google looks at the presence of the keywords on the page that you’re linking to in your profile as a relevancy that also includes the name of the city where you’re located. so, if you’re Home Cleaning Agency in Tampa Florida the H1 of the page that you link to from your Google business profile should say” Home Cleaning Agency Tampa Florida somewhere”

You should try to work it in as many times as you can naturally get it into the copy on that page.

Local citation:

Doing local citation is the most easiest method. You don’t need to signup or some expensive service. I personally prefer Bright Local Moz Local is also a reasonably priced

Do an SEO Competitor Analysis:

Use  a tool like Bright Local to see what categories all of your competitors are using. Checkout what those others categories are that your competitors are using. But at the same time whatever the main thing is that you should do, that should be your primary category.

Get Reviews:

Get some reviews from your customers and try to coax then to include relevant keywords. Anyone that’s doing local SEO, will be able to tell you that the presence of target keywords in real customer reviews from real active Google account will definitely help you to start ranking for  those keywords.

Sometimes it can be easy as asking them to say this thing but in most cases, you probably just going to have to prompt them to mention what it is that you did for them and if you’re doing a really great job you know share with them, let them know” hey! this this thing really helped me on Google if you can mention what it was that I did or the type of business that we have. If your customers are happy they’re going to want to help you.

Build Backlinks:

I know this is going to be the hardest one for you to do all on your own but if you do sponsor a local Little League or you interact with any other types of local businesses where you know they manage their website themselves see what you can do to get backlinks from them if you sponsor a local soccer league for example they probably have a website ask if they would be willing to add a sponsor section somewhere on the website.

Locally relevant backlinks will help you to rank better not only in the map results but also in the Blue link results below.

Get Profile Engagement:

In my opinion, the most important factor is to get profile engagement through adding pictures, products, fill out all the services that you can, add FAQs. Basically put as much as you can on the profile to get people to actually engage  with it.

It’s pretty much a sure thing that Google systems are tracking whether people seem to like click around your pictures if they seem to click around on your products and ultimately Google wants to show profiles that people like engaging with those signals critically important just like Tik Tok will push out a video to more people if lots of people watch it or a You Tube video gets more visibility if lots of people like it, leave comments and and watch till the end. Here’s the plug to give us a hand maybe throw us a like if you want to help us out.

Google business profile does the same thing if people are scrolling through your pictures and reading your FAQs and you have engaging stuff a reason why someone will want to engage with your profile and they actually click through to the website, it’s going to help your visibility long term.

One of the biggest wins we had this year was for attorney whose Google business profile had a picture of one of the  main streets in the city where the practices we swapped that out, got some pictures of him and some of his associates we added some infographics that provided some interesting information about family law in the state he practices and even with a small budget he is now well positioned in the map results for all his target keywords in the city where practices.